Visitor FAQs

I want to visit the exhibition. How do I register for it?

  • Before Event Days, you can click on the below button “Pre-registration” to do your pre-event registration. Your registration will be processed and if successful, you will receive a confirmation email within 14 working days. Simply bring a print copy of your confirmation email to the Visitor registration counter and and get your QR Code scanned there to collect your visitor tag under the "Pre-Registered" line.

    During Event Days - You can obtain a visitor tag at the Visitor Registration counter by using your mobile to fill in the details and after getting your QR code via email, get it scanned obtain your visitor badge.
How can I check on the status of my online pre-registration?

  • Email to with the subject: Status of Online Pre-Registration, highlighting the name, company and job title used to register online so that we can check on the status of your online Pre-Registration for the exhibition. We will send a reply to you within 3 working days.
Is there any entrance fee payable to visit the exhibition?

  • The exhibition is Free Admission for all visitors.
I would like to be kept updated on PALMEX Malaysia 2024 exhibition.
How do I subscribe to be on your mailing list to receive brochures on the exhibition and e-Newsletters for free?

  • Email to with the subject: "Add me to PALMEX Malaysia 2024 exhibition mailing list, and include your full name (i.e. first name and surname), company, job title, full mailing address, country and email address in your email.